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3 Reasons to eFile a Tax Return in 2011

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Unless this is your first year to prepare and file a tax return, you already know that the IRS e-file option can save you the time and expense of printing your return and mailing it to the government. While saving time may be reason enough to e-file a tax return, there are a variety of reasons that have little or nothing to do with saving time this tax season. Before you head to the post office to mail in your 2011 tax return, consider these three reasons to e-file your taxes.

eFiling protects your identity

It seems as though hardly a week can go by without a new consumer report on identity theft or fraud on the local news stations. If it isn’t big companies failing to shred their customers’ personal information prior to disposal, criminals are simply stealing mail directly from mailboxes. Unfortunately, tax time often heralds an increase in identity theft activity each year, as criminals know that tax returns are being mailed out and refund checks are coming back.

By opting to e-file a tax return, you have the ability to minimize the personal financial information you’re placing in the mailbox for thieves to steal. While dropping your tax return off at the local post office may be a safer option, you really never know who’s processing your mail – or if it could get lost. Choosing to e-file your return remains the only way to ensure it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

eFiling reduces IRS errors

Did you know that the IRS has admitted to causing errors on returns when scanning them in simply because they couldn’t read the taxpayer’s handwriting? While no one wants to be the subject of an IRS audit, imagine knowing you triggered it with illegible handwriting or bad math, not because you were cheating on the taxes. If you e-file a tax return instead, you won’t have to worry about the IRS creating errors with your tax return.

eFiling is perfect for procrastinators

Are you the type of person who always intends to get everything on their task list done, yet always has to roll things over until tomorrow? When it comes to sending in your tax return, procrastination is not your friend. Letting your tax return sit forgotten in a stamped envelope on your desk can result in fines and penalties when you forget to mail it until after the tax deadline. When you e-file a tax return instead of putting it through the mail, you can complete the process immediately upon completion of your taxes, eliminating the procrastination-friendly task of running to the post office.

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