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Eco Houses Conserve Energy, Promote Green Living

Going Green

Eco houses are a lot like other houses, but with one big exception: Eco houses are designed, built and operated to promote green lifestyles. That means using green building techniques, materials made from recyclable or renewable sources, choosing energy efficient appliances and embracing alternative energy sources such as solar or wind.

Eco houses come in a wide variety of styles and sizes. Some are built to stand alone; others are parts of larger eco friendly communities that hope to change the way people live. Eco houses is often used along with terms such as green homes or sustainable homes to describe not only construction techniques, but a way of life that strives to produce less pollution and ease the strain the modern world has placed on the environment.

Eco houses use recycled material

Eco houses put a priority on using recycled materials. The wood siding, for instance, might have been salvaged from a demolished home nearby. Same with the wood floors or even the slate roof tiles. When materials are purchased new, designers and contractors make sure they come from companies that use environmentally-friendly manufacturing practices or harvest lumber from tightly-managed forests.

Eco houses are designed in such a way that they use less land, which requires fewer trees to be taken down. Homes are situated on lots so that the most sunlight can be utilized and that prevailing breezes can be taken advantage of. Architectural designs feature large windows and skylights to allow more natural light inside the home, which reduces the need to additional artificial lighting. Large porches are built to encourage families to sit outside and visit with neighbors. In eco communities, houses are built closer together to encourage density and promote a pedestrian-friendly lifestyle that requires less individual vehicle usage. Public parks and green spaces are also popular components in eco communities, not only for their recreational value but for the oxygen produced by the trees and plants.

Eco houses use alternative energy

Eco houses are often equipped with solar panels and wind turbines that produce alternative energy sources. The electricity they create is used to heat rooms or water, or simply added to the conventional power stream to cut the amount of electricity consumed. Energy efficient appliances also get wide use in eco houses, each with the goal of cutting the amount of electricity that must be produced or water that must be purified with chemicals at the municipal plant.

Families that live in eco houses have aggressive recycling programs for glass, plastic, paper and a host of other products. They put an emphasis on community gardens, where food is grown organically.

Eco houses not only protect the environment by cutting energy consumption and pollution, an added bonus is that people who live in their often report spending less money on utilities.

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