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Is Easy Work From Home a Scam?

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During your job search, you may find postings for easy work from home positions. If kissing your daily commute goodbye makes telecommuting work sound like the perfect employment option for you, these job ads are tempting indeed. But are they legitimate job opportunities or are they scams? Learning the signs of each might help you save valuable time you could use for other applications.

Easy Work from Home Scam Warning Signs

With all the questionable job ads posted on Internet job search sites, it makes perfect sense for you to wonder if all easy work from home jobs are scams. In fact, many job seekers never even consider telecommuting jobs viable career options. Only you can decide if the risk of wasting time on bogus job applications is worth the reward of working from home, but consider learning the signs of scam job advertisements before you let go of the idea of at home work.

Common easy work from home scam warning signs can include:

  • Ads that target students and stay at home moms
  • Fees to view or apply for jobs
  • No experience requirements or qualifications
  • Obvious and numerous misspellings
  • Promises of making full-time money for working only a few hours each week.

Although seeing one of these warning signs on an easy work from home job ad doesn’t always equate to a scam, it’s wise to proceed with caution. In addition to these six signs, be wary of telecommuting jobs that want you to receive wire transfers into your personal bank account and send the balance minus your fee to the company. In extreme cases, this type of easy work from home position opens up the employee to criminal fraud charges.

Signs of Legitimate Easy Work from Home Jobs

Not all easy work from home jobs are scams waiting to steal your time and money. Signs of legitimate easy work from home jobs are:

  • Company contact information you can research
  • Job descriptions
  • Pay commensurate with experience and nature of work
  • Professional interview and hiring process.

Call center, mystery shopper, virtual assistant, forum posting and transcription jobs are all valid telecommuting opportunities. Of course, even these aren’t always valid, so stay vigilant in your job search. If finding easy work from home opportunities is a requirement of your situation, consider visiting career counselors and employment agencies. Even if they don’t have any current connections in need of at home workers, they can be a wealth of information about where to start your search for legitimate easy work at home employment.

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