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What to Include in Earthquake Kits

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Earthquakes affect thousands of people each year and can cause massive amounts of damage to both your city and home. These natural disasters can also knock out power lines and leave you with no electricity or running water for several days at a time, which is why earthquake kits can be extremely useful. Fortunately, earthquake kits are extremely easy to make and can help both you and your family sleep soundly knowing you are prepared for an emergency.

Storage Containers for Earthquake Kits

Because earthquakes can happen at any time, experts recommend that you make three identical earthquake kits and store one at home, one at work, and one in your car. Bulky emergency items such as water and dry food can be difficult to fit in a single container, so experts recommend placing these items in large plastic garbage cans to protect them. A backpack is a good storage container for smaller, loose items since these are easy to carry and have many uses.

Items to Include in Earthquake Kits

Once you purchase the appropriate storage containers, you can begin purchasing items that you want to include in your earthquake kits. Here are some important things to put in each kit:

  • Enough water and non-perishable food to last three days (one gallon of water per person per day is usually sufficient)
  • Water purification tablets
  • A first aid kit with plenty of supplies for you and your family
  • Heavy-duty gloves
  • At least $100 in cash
  • Family photos and descriptions in case emergency personnel need to find missing people
  • A flashlight with extra batteries
  • A battery-operated radio
  • Goggles and dust masks
  • Personal items such as medications and toilet paper

While many earthquakes only cause minor damage, it is important to remember that you can feel some of them long after the shaking stops. Making earthquake kits is one of the best ways to not only make sure you and your family are as safe as possible from these natural disasters, but it can also make it possible to survive without essentials such as power and running water for several days after an earthquake.

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