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Professional Salon Services for Awesome Dreads

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While it is possible to encourage the growth of natural dreads on your own, more and more salons are offering specialized services to help clients create and maintain a head of gorgeous healthy dreadlocks.

Types of Salon Services for Dreads

Salons which cater specifically to clients who want dreads offer a wide range of services which include:

Starting dreadlocks: If you need help kicking dread formation off, the expertise of a dread aesthetician can help you to start your locks. A few of the methods which can be used to make your hair dread up include the back-comb technique (a technique which is very popular on African American hair) and the crochet and hook technique (a successful method used to promote dreads on Caucasian hair). Both of these techniques cost upwards of $200 dollars or more because they are labor intensive and can take anywhere from 3 to 8 hours.

Dread Perm: The dread perm uses rollers and setting chemicals to create an instead head of dreadlocks. Dread perms cost an average of between $200 to $300 dollars and the perms require monthly maintenance or the dreadlocks will start to unravel.

Dread Maintenance: If dreads are unraveling or become frizzy, dread maintenance services can help to make dreadlocks look like new again. Maintenance services include threading, crocheting and latch hooking the hairs to help tighten the dreads and applying scalp treatments or moisturizing treatments to clean and renew dry and dirty dreads.

Dread Extensions: Some salons offer dread extensions made with human or synthetic hair. The extensions are a great way to temporary try out dreadlocks or to create an instant head of dreadlocks without resorting to chemical processes. Extensions generally run an average of between $200 to $400 dollars for an entire head of locks.

Dreadlock Removal: If it’s time to say goodbye to your dreadlocks, consult with a professional on how to safely remove the locks without causing extra damage to your hair. A beautician can offer advice on how to remove the dreads, talk with you about what to expect or remove the dreads at the salon. Dread removal costs an average of less than $100 dollars.

Precautions for Professional Salon Dreads

Before you decide to take the leap and start growing your dreadlocks, make sure you find a salon that caters specifically to the care, maintenance and creation of dreads. The processes which are used to create dreadlocks will have different types of results for different kinds of hair, and it is important to talk with an experienced professional about what type of process is best for your hair and the results you can expect. An experienced dread professional will also make sure that your dreads remain clean and healthy and that the damage to your hair during the growth process is minimized.

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