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Managing Dorm Life

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The most memorable moments of your college career will happen in the dormitory. Dorm life is everything a person could ever imagine it to be – late night fast food runs, slumber parties, midnight study sessions and parking space wars.

Dorm life is everything that any one person or a group of friends makes it. Dorms are about the only time in one's life when twin-sized mattresses and bunk beds are entirely sufficient. Dorms are also about the only time when you would prefer to be woken out of your sleep by a dirty sock on your face and, of course, the bright light of a roommate's camera whose smart enough to get proof of the prank.

Get out of the room

No one will ever have a chance to get to know you if you stay locked up in the room. Dare yourself to meet those living around you and to make new friends. The truth of the matter is that you are just as much of a stranger to them as they are to you. It is important to be social because the relationships you develop will affect you years from now.

Stop, drop and roll

Fire drills are not a thing of the past just because you left high school. Fire drills make for some of the best stories. There will always be someone caught in the midst of a shower when the alarm sounds. And, just like everyone else, they will have to exit the building – towel and all. Of the dozen or so fire drills you will endure in a year's time, few will be scheduled maintenance and safety precautions intentionally planned by the dormitory. The remaining drills will come from a novice cook who has burned a bag of popcorn and placed the burning bag into a plastic trash bag. In any other instance, it is rare for a person to purposely pull or trigger a fire alarm.

Wash with one eye open

Guard your clothes and belongings with a watchful eye (or strong arm) when you are washing and drying. Clothing, jeans particularly, come up missing if you or a close friend are not around. Find a convenient day of the week and time of day to wash. Certain periods of the day are prone to more traffic; therefore, increasing the likelihood of someone stealing your belongings.

Fun city

In a word, dorm life is FUN. Lots of fun. Chances are that you might become an unruly nightmare or a complete natural when your residential attendant catches you playing Twister with friends or kickball with an over-sized yoga and pilates ball in the hallway. Do not be surprised either if your midday nap is ruined by bountiful laughter because a neighbor is rolling others down the hallway in a grocery cart. Things like this are standard when you are living the dorm life.

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