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Getting Safe Door Lock Sets

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The lock sets for your front and rear doors are important purchases because the two doors are by far the most common entrance for a burglar into a home. Getting safe door lock sets that provide a high level of security is essential for homeowners.

What to Look for in Door Lock Sets

You want to find a door lock set that offers top of the line materials that can slow down and hopefully discourage potential burglars from either picking the locks or using bump keys to defeat the locks. Here are the features to look for in the most secure door lock sets.

  • Get deadbolts. Look for deadbolts made of the highest quality metals to provide some real protection from a burglar who may simply try to kick in your door. As long as the door itself is solid and strong enough, the addition of a top-flight deadbolt can make it very difficult to kick in a door. If the door is wooden, make sure it has a solid wood core. Or, choose a metal door.
  • Look for cylinder guards. These are protective rings that surround the lock cylinder where you insert the key. Many burglars attempt to defeat a lock by using pliers or a wrench to twist out the cylinder from the door, or by hammering the cylinders from the door.
  • Get strong strike plates. The strike plate is the metal or plastic plate that surrounds the lockset. The strike plate, however, is often attacked by burglars trying to pry the plate from the door. Find a metal strike plate made of steel and look for a lock set that includes 3-inch nails that can be extended well into the door frame.
  • Choose double-cylinder locks. You will have a choice between single and double cylinder locks. Go for double cylinder locks, which require locks to either enter or exit a home. The two locks - keep the inside key somewhere safe that you can immediately access in the event of an emergency - mean that burglars who break nearby windows or sidelights can reach inside and open up a single cylinder door.

Supplement Your Door Lock Sets

  • Strong doors. It doesn't make sense to get locks with the strongest steel and best features if you have a hollow wooden door. Get core wooden doors or steel doors to enhance your lock sets.
  • Put in a door viewer. The viewer only requires a small hole in the door but allows a homeowner to look outside before opening a door. Without a viewer, homeowners may be opening up a door to a burglar. If you don't know the person and you don't wish to open the door, you don't have to.
  • Lock the doors. Crime statistics show that as many as one-third of all entries made through a door by a burglar are aided by a homeowner who left the door unlocked. Sometimes, that's a matter of not locking the door immediately after returning home during the day after errands. But it's quite obvious that even the strongest door lock sets have no chance if the door isn't locked.

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