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What is a Dog Spa?

Pet Grooming

The idea behind a dog spa is to add pampering and special attention to the grooming and cleaning of your dog. A dog spa is not for someone trying to pinch pennies from the budget. Instead, a dog spa is for someone whose dog is a beloved member of the family and is looking for other people to treat their beloved pet with the same love and special care. There are some dog spas that offer luxurious accommodations for those times when you are on a trip and can't your dog with you.

Dog Spa Specialties

Check the dog spas in your city. You may find some that specialize in things like dog massage. Or, you may have a dog spa designed for dog show champions, with expert groomers who can prepare your animal for the next dog show. Many dog spas offer boarding facilities that include all the comforts of home, including daily walks, playtime and even TV time.

Dog Spa Features

  • Oatmeal bath and hot oil. If your dog has dry or irritated skin, or itches constantly, an oatmeal bath helps to revitalize the dog's skin and add moisture to the coat. Another way to revitalize and restore moisture to a dog's skin condition and protect a dog's coat is with a hot oil treatment.
  • Special shampoos and baths. There are all-natural flea baths that do not use any insecticides and medicated baths for problems ranging from dandruff and itching to body odors and dry skin. Try a hypo-allergenic shampoo if your dog has allergies or a degreasing shampoo, which offers conditioning with any of the harsh ingredients that can remove some of the natural oils from a dog's coat.
  • Pedicure and tooth brushing. Get your dog's nails trimmed, filed and polished at the dog spa. That can be followed by tooth brushing that fights tarter and keeps your dog's teeth white and gums health.
  • Massages. At some dog spas, you may be able to choose from different massages. How about a Swedish massage or a sports massage? The idea is to provide a soothing massage that can help relax tone muscles and increase the dog's circulation. Massages can also help dogs with hip dysplasia, arthritis and other aches and pains.
  • Daily visits. Some high-end dog spas offer full day visits for your dog that include deluxe accommodations, walks, snacks and plenty of one-on-one attention. The goal of the dog spa is to be the dog's home away from home.

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