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Choosing Dog Shampoo

Pet Grooming

When it comes time to choose a dog shampoo, there are as many choices available as there are types of dogs. And grooming experts and veterinarians maintain that it is important to make sure that the dog shampoo you purchase matches your dog or puppy. Here are some of the different dog shampoo choices available:

  • Puppy shampoo. Make sure that if you have a puppy you choose a dog shampoo made specifically for puppies. Some other shampoos designed for adult dogs can be too harsh for puppies.
  • Medicated dog shampoo. If your dog has any medical issues, such as dry, itchy skin, allergies or other issues, your veterinarian can suggest a shampoo that contains medication that can helpful in treating that condition. For example, there are dog shampoos with ingredients like peppermint oil, eucalyptus and aloe that can help with itching or dry skin problems. Often, depending on the condition, medicated shampoos are designed to be particularly gentle and soothing to your dog, qualities that all regular dog shampoos do not share.
  • Flea shampoo. If your dog is having a problem with fleas or ticks, there are shampoos that can help remove the pests from your dog's coat. Generally, these products are quite strong and are not recommended for dogs younger than 6 months old. It's also important to understand that dog shampoo designed to get rid of fleas and ticks can't be successful if the space where the dog lives isn't treated as well.
  • Shampoo for longer hair. Long-haired dogs, such as poodles, should have a shampoo with conditioner to keep the thick coat in top condition. The conditioner will also help keep longer or fine hair untangled to make combing an easier task. Also, there are shampoos available that can help decrease the amount of hair that a dog sheds.
  • Shampoo for white hair. For the many dogs with white hair, such as Terriers and Maltese, there are dog shampoos that are blue or purple in color and contain ingredients that can make your dog's coat appear whiter and cleaner.
  • Allergy shampoo. A very popular type of dog shampoo is one that can help a dog with allergies. Hypoallergenic shampoos sometimes rely on natural ingredients in an effort to be less irritating to the animal's coat.

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