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Top 5 Tips to Reduce Dog Allergies

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Dog lovers who are allergic to dogs can reduce their symptoms by taking steps to limit the amount of pet dander and hair in the home. If someone in your home is allergic to the family pooch, keep these top 5 tips in mind to reduce symptoms caused by dog allergies.

1. Bathe and Brush Puppy Often

People who have allergies to dogs are often experiencing a reaction to pet dander – microscopic flakes of dead skin which are occasionally shed. Bathing and brushing dogs on a consistent schedule will help to remove pet dander before it is released into the home – and before it can cause a flare-up of dog allergies. Professional grooming services which completely brush out the undercoat can also help to remove dander accumulation.

2. Use Natural Non-Scented Dog Grooming Products

Allergy suffers can have a sensitivity to products made with perfumes or strong detergents, and grooming pets with perfumed shampoos and conditioners or strong cleansers can aggravate allergy symptoms. When dogs are groomed, use perfume free products made with all natural and gentle cleansers.

3. Check Air Filters Regularly

Air filters generally require a check every 3 months, but if you have pets – and someone in the home suffers from pet allergies – than a monthly filter check can help to catch the accumulation of dirt, which may contain pet dander, before it is re-released back into the home through the air ducts. If the filter looks dirty, change it immediately; depending on how many pets are in the home, and the time of year, it may be necessary to change the filter every month or every 2 to 3 months.

4. Vacuum Often but With Care

Frequent vacuuming will help remove pet dander from carpet, floors and furniture – but vacuuming can also lift and suspend pet dander particles into the air. If a house guest who has dog allergies is coming for a visit, vacuum the day before your guest arrives to make sure that air filters have time to catch any pet dander released into the air from vacuuming. Try to vacuum too at a time when allergy sufferers are out of the home.

5. Say No to Pooches in the Bedroom

People suffering from dog allergies should maintain a 100% pet free bedroom. Keep the bedroom door shut during the day and always vacuum the bedroom first before vacuuming the rest of the house. Create a comfortable sleeping area for pets as far away as possible from the bedroom – and wash or air out dog bedding on a weekly basis.

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