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Do-It-Yourself Car Repair

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Between labor costs and the price mark-up for after-market parts, car repair can get expensive in a hurry, even for routine maintenance procedures. One way to combat excessive repair costs is through do-it-yourself car repair. While DIY car repair is not for everyone, people with some mechanical aptitude and the ability to follow instructions from a manual can save a few hundred dollars a year on car repairs.

Unless you are a certified auto technician, you will need a car repair manual to perform any do-it-yourself car repair procedures. Even if you are a certified auto technician, it’s still a good idea to have a manual on hand. Car repair manuals differ from one auto manufacturer to another and even from one year to the next for the same vehicle model. If you just traded in a 2000 Honda Civic for a 2010 Honda Civic, you will definitely need a new car repair manual just to account for all the changes made to the Civic between 2000 and 2010.

There are several car repair and maintenance procedures you can easily do yourself including the following:

  • Replacing your air and oil filters. Your repair manual will tell you how often the filters need to be replaced in your vehicle and give you simple illustrated instructions for locating and replacing the filters.
  • Checking fluid levels. Topping off things like windshield wiper fluid, transmission fluid and anti-freeze are things that you can very easily do yourself instead of going to a service center.
  • Changing your oil. This is a little more complicated because you must first get under your car to drain the old oil and dispose of it properly before replacing it with clean oil. You must also make sure that you put the right oil in your car.

This is not a complete list of all the DIY car repair services that average people can perform on their own. There are many other procedures that most people can do at home, and even more that people with good mechanical skills can do. Just be sure to consult an up-to-date repair manual before attempting any do-it-yourself car repair.

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