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Diving Board Pros and Cons

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Diving Board Safety
If you decide to install a diving board, youíll have to beef up safety around the pool. Someone will need to enforce common diving board rules including: no running around the diving board, one person at a time, and ensure nothing is below before diving. Although parents should always be extra vigilant about pool safety, a diving board adds additional ďpolicingĒ responsibilities.

Check out Insurance Rules
Many pool owners donít think about homeowners insurance when installing a diving board. However, before you make the decision, check with your agent. Although itís not always the case, sometimes youíll need to purchase additional insurance. Itís important to ensure youíre protected in case your current pool clause doesnít cover diving board accidents.

Choose the Diving Board
When choosing a diving board, make sure to choose a durable board that is coated with fiberglass and has a heavy duty non-slip surface. Most diving boards are typically between six and twelve feet long. There are two types of diving boards: spring and simple platform. Both types of diving boards are equally safe; the choice is basically a preference.

Check City Guidelines
When installing a diving board, itís also important to check with your city or town government. Municipalities may have regulations or require building permits for diving boards in a residential area.

Diving Board Maintenance
One of the benefits of installing a diving board is that maintenance is typically easy. However, youíll need to examine the board regularly to look for cracks. Once you identify a crack, youíll need to fix it immediately to ensure safety. Also, check the diving boardís surface regularly for the breakdown of non-slip surfaces, which is caused by the sun and heavy use. This can be fixed yourself by purchasing a simple resurfacing kit.

Talk with a Professional
When installing a diving board, itís important to do it right. Thatís because a board installed incorrectly can be a huge hazard. Contact a pool technician in your area to get installation pricing. Itís often well worth the cost if you havenít tackled the task before.

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