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Discount Business Card Printing

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A shrewd businessman or woman is always on the lookout for deals. As such, when looking to promote yourself, it may be a good idea to seek out discount business card printing. There are several easy ways to acquire business cards for less. Keep these tips in mind when seeking discount business card printing.

Discount Business Cards Boast Simple Designs

The most affordable business cards tend to be the ones with the simplest designs. As such, you might consider sticking to a classic business card size (3.5 inches by 2 inches) and foregoing color ink. A card design that incorporates a single-sided design can also save you money.

When simplifying card design, it is also important to think about type of card material. While card materials such as plastic and metal are eye-catching, they also tend to increase your price per unit.

Shop Around for Promotional Business Card Offers

Are you intent on incorporating premium design features into your business card? If so, then you might consider shopping around for promotional business card offers. Frequently, online printing shops run short promotions that can dramatically decrease the price you pay on specialty items (such as two-sided business cards or custom sizes). For this reason, it may pay off to be patient and wait until such a promotion is available.

Of course, shopping around is recommended regardless of which features you are looking for in a card. While not always the case, online print shops tend to offer the best discounts.

Get Discounts by Ordering Cards in Bulk

One of the easiest ways to score discount business card printing is by ordering in bulk. In general, as volume of an order increases the price per business card decreases. As such, if you anticipate the need for additional cards in the future, then it may be worthwhile to stock up all at once.

Consider Multiple Printing Orders

Another way to achieve discount business card printing is by ordering multiple promotional items at once. For example, if you need brochures, banners or other printed materials for your business, then it may pay off to order all of these items at once. Oftentimes, print shops try to earn more of your business by offering deep discounts on larger orders.

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