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Tips for Dining Room Decorating

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Who couldn’t use a few professional tips for dining room decorating? Is your dining room table the place for mail, kids’ books and homework and craft projects at various degrees of completion? Is the room itself cluttered with everybody’s ‘stuff’ making it a chore to even attempt to serve a meal there let alone use it for all these other tasks? Unfortunately the dining room in many homes is relegated to everyone’s catch-all area and for loads of activities except dining.

It was intended as a family gathering place to share meals (it is after all a ‘dining’ room). Often the family will spend lots of time cleaning and preparing for a special occasion, guests or holidays only to have the dining room back in its state of disarray within a few days. This is primarily due to the fact that, depending on your family’s particular interests, it must often serve so many purposes. That table makes a great place for children to do homework, you to go through mail and pay bills and it’s a great craft or game table as well.

Dining Room Decorating: Making it Work for You

Your first consideration in decorating your dining room is to determine exactly what the room is currently used for and whether all or some of that will continue. Will those activities continue in this room or will they work somewhere else in the home? For example, is there another space nearby that can be utilized as an office area? Unless you have lots of cooperation from the rest of your household, this can be a pretty daunting task. They will get on board though, once they begin to reap the benefits of order and the relaxing atmosphere resulting from your clever ideas in dining room decorating.

Having decided that yes, the kids will still be using this as their homework station; and yes, you will continue to sort mail here and pay bills; it’s time to move in some furnishings to take care of these tasks and free up that dining table for, of all things, dining. Deep shelves either in the form of a book case or attached to a wall with neat rows of canvas lined baskets is a great organizing system that will contain all of those necessities while removing any appearance of clutter. These baskets come in natural reed, metal or fabric that will go with any décor. An armoire is another good way to conceal and organize the busy things of life so that this dining room can be a restful place to enjoy a meal.

Dining Room Furniture Does Dual Duty

A credenza or buffet does not have to hold ‘just’ table linens and those tucked away family mementos from your great grandmother. It’s time to clean out those valuable storage areas and put them to good use for today. Barrister bookcases create wonderful storage or can be used as display cases for pretty glassware and china. Speaking of those pretty things you have tucked out of reach for special occasions, think about making every day a special occasion and use those items.

The dining room in your home could be the place that your family gathers not only for holiday meals or celebrations but for the every day events as well. It can and should be a place for developing relationships and making some good memories. Meal times are a great time for this to happen and with some clever dining room decorating ideas this multi purpose room can fulfill its purpose quite well.




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