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Upgrade to HDTV Digital Cable

Television Services
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Although HDTV digital cable is available via the simple addition of a replacement line from the easement or pole near your property, there are some differences in the service you should be aware of before you buy.

Understanding HDTV Digital Cable

High definition cable service is usually an upgrade from standard service that requires modifications to your existing setup and presumes that some basic hardware is already in place:

  • To receive HDTV via cable, you'll need a high-def television. There are a number of technologies to choose from, including plasma and LCD. Without the basic hardware, you won't be able to enjoy TV in high definition regardless of the type of service you sign up for.
  • If you have a high definition television and are receiving standard cable service, even with premium channels, an upgrade to high definition will require changing out your in-home cable box.
  • When you upgrade to high definition service, you may not get all the channels in high definition that you're currently receiving in standard format.
  • The high definition channels you receive may not broadcast in high definition all the time, either, although in all likelihood premium channels will.
  • To be sure of exactly what you're signing up for, ask your cable provider about the channels and coverage offered in high definition before your upgrade.
  • The list of available HDTV channels offered by cable and other entertainment venues, like satellite TV, may vary. If you have specific programming in mind, shop around.
  • Over the air programming in your area will probably be available through your local cable company in high definition, but if you have an HDTV, you'll be able to get it with an antenna too -- for free.
  • Upgrades to high definition through your cable company may require an additional contractual commitment of a year or more. Make the most of your negotiating position by asking for additional free or low cost services, like the installation of a DVR to your setup.

When you're taking the time to upgrade, explore bundled services from your cable provider. Some local cable companies offer low cost internet access and even telephone service as well as HDTV digital cable.

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