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Diamond Jewelry

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Diamond jewelry was once only worn by the royal and the rich, but the availability of jewelry made with diamonds began to change in the early 1900s. A combination of emerging diamond cutting techniques and increased incomes for a growing middle class improved the accessibility of diamonds. Today, diamonds abound in jewelry boutiques and they continue to represent symbols of status, beauty and wealth.

Popular Trends in Diamond Jewelry

Rings, necklaces and earrings which display gorgeous solitaire white diamonds are a popular jewelry trend which has always been fashionable, but today fancy colored diamonds reign as the ultimate in diamond jewelry styles.

Brown and yellow diamonds made their debut into numerous jewelry stores recently, and the coveted and rare pink and blue diamonds are immensely popular as well. Additional fancy colored diamonds range from reds, purples and even oranges – but fancy diamonds come at a premium price.

Fancy diamonds – other than low cost diamonds found in rich chocolate shades – are well out of average jewelry budget prices. To fulfill the gap, synthetic colored diamonds are now available for more affordable prices. Synthetic colored diamonds have a chemical make-up that is almost identical to real colored diamonds, and like real diamonds they rate a perfect 10 on the Mohs hardness scale. Synthetic white diamonds are also rising in popularity as an affordable alternative to real white diamonds.

Popular trends in diamond jewelry styles include rings and bracelets with pave or channel styled settings, drop diamond earrings that glitter and shine and necklaces which display multiple diamond stones of different styles. The modern and sleek style of tension set diamonds has also become quite trendy, along with new diamond cuts which include flower and butterfly diamond shapes.

Shopping Tips for Diamond Jewelry

Whenever you are shopping for diamond jewelry, whether you are looking for real diamond pieces or synthetic diamond pieces, always shop through a reputable jewelry boutique. Through a reputable jewelry store you will have the assurance and guarantee of the authenticity of your diamond purchase; shady jewelry markets cannot offer you any reliable guarantee.

Never purchase real diamond jewelry without a certificate from an independent and qualified laboratory. The American Gem Society (AGS) and the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) are the two top diamond grading laboratories. If you are concerned about the authenticity of your diamond purchase, you can mail your jewelry to either the AGS or the GIA for an evaluation.

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