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Looking at Dialup Internet Access

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Residential customers first used dialup Internet access in the early 1990s. It was hugely popular because it was a cheap and easy way to connect to the Internet. Because the physical telephone infrastructure was already in place, it was easy for Internet technology to become easily adopted by many ordinary people. For dialup Internet access, customers only need a phone line, dialup service, a modem and a PCI card. The modem both sends and receives data using the existing telephone network.

Need for Speed

Although dialup access was a revolutionary service, it did have some problems. Using dialup Internet service means that telephone landline is always busy, and it is difficult for people to call the landline without disrupting Internet service or hearing a busy signal.

Also, many applications on the Internet require high speed for optimum results. Watching streaming videos, downloading software or music files, or playing online games can be difficult with dialup Internet access. Also, as more people pay bills, buy services and goods, manage their bank accounts, and work from home, dialup Internet access doesn’t provide enough bandwidth for all these important online activities.

Declining Usage

With the advent of faster and cheaper broadband Internet options in metro areas, the number of dialup Internet users has fallen as more people switch to faster broadband Internet services. Many smaller dialup Internet service providers have also reduced services or shut down due to lack of demand. Many other ISPs have slowly raised monthly fees for dialup service. The US government has also allotted some federal stimulus fund money to increase the availability of broadband Internet access in rural areas.

Reasons to Use Dialup Internet Access

Many customers still use dialup Internet service today. In some rural areas, the only other alternative to dialup Internet service is satellite Internet access. However, satellite Internet access is more expensive than other broadband options like DSL and cable modem. Satellite Internet access comes with higher equipment costs, installation fees and long term contracts.

For other users, they may use the Internet only for basic tasks, like email or surfing low graphic websites. These users may feel that signing up for broadband services, like cable or DSL, is too expensive for their amount of usage.

Other customers may have broadband access at work or have mobile devices with faster Internet connectivity. They may feel that adding a broadband line at home simply isn’t that important.

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