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What Do Destination Wedding Planners Do?

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Destination wedding planners are wedding planners who are experienced in planning destination weddings. A destination wedding is a wedding held away from home, usually at an exciting or exotic destination. A destination wedding may involve getting married aboard a cruise ship, in Walt Disney World, on a beach in Hawaii, on the edge of a cliff in Mexico, or in an exotic location in Europe. Planning a destination wedding involves coordinating a lot of careful details in order to make sure you get it right, and destination wedding planners specialize in taking care of these details for you.

What Do Destination Wedding Planners Do?

A wedding planner, in general, helps take care of all aspects of planning your wedding and making your wedding perfect. Wedding planners, or wedding consultants, may be certified by various organizations including the Association of Bridal Consultants, the Association of Certified Professional Wedding Consultants, and the National Association of Wedding Professionals.

Destination wedding planners, in particular, have a tough job. When you decide to have a destination wedding, a number of different factors must be considered including:

  • Securing a location for the wedding to occur at your destination
  • Finding a local officiant
  • Finding accommodations for you and your guests (which are convenient to the wedding location)
  • Making arrangements for any permits required to get married in the chosen location
  • Securing a marriage license and complying with rules in your state to ensure your wedding is valid if you are married outside of the US
  • Arranging transportation to and from the wedding location, including airline tickets, and shuttle or vehicle reservations to get you from the airport to the hotel to the wedding
  • Arranging decorations at the destination

Careful planning is required to ensure that all of these steps go off without a hitch. While this can be easier if you opt for a destination wedding in a tourist location that is used to having weddings occur- such as an Island in the Caribbean or aboard a cruise- it can be more complex if you choose a more exotic locale or a European country, for example.

A destination wedding planner can take care of all of the tedious details, leaving you free to focus on fun things such as finding your dress. You can find destination wedding planners through the national organizations of wedding planners, by consulting SuperPages Online, or by asking for references from friends and family for wedding planners in your area.

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