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Design Your Own T-Shirt

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Whether you’re considering it as an individual or for your business, it can make sense to design your own t-shirt. Printing shirts is a way to provide inexpensive giveaways to customers or mementos to friends and family. You can even sell your t-shirt designs for extra income, if you wish. Before you consider designing your own shirt, make sure you get the fact you’ll need to make the best decision.

Design Your Own T-Shirt with Purpose

When you decide to design your own t-shirt, it’s important you don’t lose sight of the purpose of your t-shirt design. Perhaps you want to create a giveaway with your company’s branding so your customers and employees can provide free advertising for your business. Maybe your goal is to create a high quality product you can sell for a profit. Either way, the design you create for printing should further this goal.

For example, if you design your own t-shirt to brand for your business, you’ll most likely want to include your company logo on the shirt. Let’s say your company logo colors are navy blue and yellow. Printing a design with pink, orange and lime green would make little sense with your company logo. In some cases, the design colors might clash or even confuse your customers about the intent of your shirt.

Design Your Own T-Shirt for Printing

To design your own t-shirt, always keep in mind what type of designs will translate well to the printing process. It can be a good idea to select your printer before you get too far into the design phase because he or she can offer insight as to what works on a t-shirt and what ends up looking strange. Designing your t-shirt under the guidance of an experienced printing profession will not only save you time, you’re more likely to receive a t-shirt that looks the way you want it to look.

You may also wish to consider the number of colors you use when you design your own t-shirt. The cost of t-shirt printing can hinge on the number of colors, so limiting the number of accent colors can help you save money when cost is a primary concern. Fewer colors may also mean the design will translate well to a wider variety of t-shirt colors. If your ultimate goal is to sell your designs for profit, giving customers a larger selection of shirt color may help you increase your overall sales.

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