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Dental Procedures Price List

Dentists and Dental Procedures

A dental procedures price list should come from the particular dentist you are interested in working with. Each dentist has a different fee structure and different amounts he charges for the dental care he provides. In addition, while there are some general dental procedures that are done, each person's mouth and each person's dental problem is different. For example, a wisdom tooth removal or a cavity filling on one person may be much simpler than the sample procedure on someone else with different teeth, or a different jaw or bone structure. As such, while a general online dental procedures price list can give you a good idea of whether your dentist is charging fairly or not, it is important to know and understand all fees and costs associated with your dental procedure before you undergo the treatment.

Dental Procedures Price List

The more complex the dental procedure, the higher the cost associated with performing it. The area where you live may also play a role in the average cost of a dental procedure. While these and many other variables means that an average dental procedure price list may not represent what you actually pay, the dental procedures price list can still be a good guide. Therefore, you can use this dental procedure price list to help you get started in the research process:

  • Fillings are charged per cavity or area filled. One tooth may have multiple cavities, so you may pay more for that tooth. The average cost of a filling is between $100 and $300, with a metal filling generally costing less than a ceramic filling
  • Tooth bleaching or whitening is often around $300 for a kit or in-office procedure from your dentist. Insurance generally won't cover tooth bleaching since it is considered to be a cosmetic procedure, so you'll have to shoulder the whole cost out of pocket.
  • Crowns or caps, which essentially cover your tooth with a little cover that becomes the outer surface of the tooth, can be between $700 and $1,200. A bridge, which is essentially multiple crowns together, is around $2,000 to $3,000
  • Partial denture to replace lost teeth cost around $1,200 while full dentures or a full set of false teeth costs around $1000 to $1300, not including tooth extraction.
  • Having your wisdom teeth removed (or other teeth extracted) can cost around $100 to $200 a tooth for simple extractions when the tooth is visible, and around $200 to $400 for a surgical extraction when the tooth cannot be seen above the gum line.

Although this dental procedures price list is a good guide to get you started, contact your own local dentist to find out the specific cost of care you need.

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