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Why Have a Professional Dental Cleaning

Dentists and Dental Procedures

A professional dental cleaning occurs when you go to a dentist or dental hygienist and they perform a thorough cleaning, removing plaque, tartar, and hard and soft spots that may have accumulated on your teeth in between the cleaning. Most dentists recommend you have a professional dental cleaning every six months on average in order to maintain optimal dental health. Keeping on this schedule is a good idea for several reasons.

Why Have a Professional Dental Cleaning

No matter how thoroughly you brush at home, there may be spots and areas of your mouth that you aren't fully reaching. It can be difficult to get your toothbrush into the proper angles at the back of your mouth to ensure you get to the corners and to the area where the teeth meet the gum line. If bacteria forms or builds up there, it can lead to gingivitis (gum disease) which can eventually result in a weakening of the periodontal tissue that keeps your teeth in your mouth. If you don't get a proper dental cleaning and you do develop gingivitis, you may eventually experience loose teeth or lose teeth entirely when gum problems develop.

In addition, most people do not brush their teeth for the full recommended time- two minutes per session- or hold their brush in the perfect manner- angled slightly down. When you get a thorough dental cleaning, your dentist can get all the spots you missed, ensuring that you do not have extensive or excessive bacteria buildup.

Bacteria in your mouth can get into your body and blood stream and lead to illness. In addition, if you have plaque buildup in the mouth, that can contribute to plaque buildup in the arteries, increasing your chance of stroke. Having a thorough dental cleaning will minimize the risk of oral or gum problems creating overall health problems.

It is also important to have a thorough dental cleaning because your dentist or dental hygienist can do things you can't do at home. They may be able to polish your teeth or apply a fluoride rinse to whiten and strengthen your teeth. They will also be able to check for and identify any potential problems, such as cavities, when they are doing your dental cleaning. This can help you catch a problem early before it turns into a major problem that necessitates extensive dental work.

Schedule each dental cleaning when you go in for your previous one, and keep it on the calendar as a semi-annual event in order to help maintain good health. Your pearly white smile and good health will be worth the time.

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