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Defense Attorney

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A defense attorney represents the defendant in a lawsuit or criminal prosecution. Individuals who have been accused of any crime, from a misdemeanor to a felony, will need a defense attorney to plead their case and defend their rights throughout the legal process. People may privately hire a defense attorney or a public defender can be appointed for them by the government if the client cannot afford a private defense attorney.

It is important to hire a defense attorney who is experienced in the specific areas of law that pertain to your individual case. It is quite common for lawyers to specialize in certain aspects of the law and many law firms have a roster of good lawyers who have extensive experience in many types of cases.

It is common practice for criminal attorneys to also represent plaintiffs and not just defendants, so it is advisable to make sure that the lawyer you are hiring to represent you is primarily a defense attorney. Defense attorneys need to handle all of the procedural issues that will be involved, but they also need to be skilled in actually arguing cases before a judge and jury.

Questions you should ask include: what types of cases the defense attorney has handled, and what are the statistics on the outcomes of the cases – how many cases has this attorney won? How many cases were settled out of court? Does the attorney do mostly personal injury cases or does he do mostly DUI cases?

After an initial consultation, most defense attorneys will require a retainer fee to be paid before beginning to represent you. It’s important to compare pricing, but keep in mind when making your decision that you should feel comfortable with your choice. Just because a defense attorney is more expensive than other defense attorneys, doesn’t mean he is any better for your situation. Likewise with a less expensive retainer – that doesn’t mean that the attorney is less competent. Choose based on your situation and your comfort level with the defense attorney’s knowledge, track record, reputation and the way he presents himself.

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