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Top 5 Decorative Painting Techniques

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Decorative painting techniques have recently become all the rage in home improvement and they are a great way to add a personal touch to your living space. There are several methods to choose from when it comes to creating a decorative finish. From antique to ultra-modern, the results you can obtain are nearly limitless. Here are a few of the top techniques available:

Murals: Murals are one of the great decorative painting techniques for bedrooms, bathrooms and game rooms. With murals, the sky’s the limit. You can paint an underwater scene in your bathroom, a princess castle in your daughter’s room, or a football player in your game room. If you’re afraid that you don’t have the artistic talent, don’t worry. There are mural stencils available in craft stores and online that allow you to trace images onto walls and simply paint them in.

Sponging: Of all the decorative painting techniques imaginable, sponging is one of the quickest and easiest. By definition, sponging involves applying layers of glaze or paint with - you guessed it - a sponge. The end look is a colorful and topographical wall. For best results, use a special sea sponge from a craft or paint store. You could use a kitchen sponge but tear off the corners so your sponging project won’t end up looking like a pile of bricks!

Rag Rolling: Rag rolling, also called ragging, is a decorative painting technique where you use a rag, and a ragging roller, to produce a graphic and illustrative pattern. In this technique, both paint and glaze are required and should complement each other. If the color variations are close, the end look will be subtle. If the color variations are drastic, the end result will be more vivid.

Stenciling: In stenciling, a template is used to paint identical symbols, letters, shapes, numbers, or patterns. Stenciling is one of the decorative painting techniques that can take some time, particularly when your stencils are small and numerous (such as stenciling a whole garden of flowers on your bedroom wall). But, it is a straightforward and simple process.

Frottage: A word that comes to us from the French and means “to rub,” Frottage is a technique where you apply a base coat and roll on a colored glaze. Then, using paper or plastic, you rub the glaze into the base coat to create a textured look. Frottage works well for a single feature wall in a formal living or dining room

These are just a few of the many decorative painting techniques that any homeowner can try. The best part about some of these techniques is that they create a random pattern so it’s difficult to make a mistake, Whichever technique you choose, decorative painting is a great way to add your artistic signature to your home.

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