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Decorating Ideas for Kids Rooms

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When babies start climbing out of cribs at night, parents must replace these cribs with new kids’ beds. This change represents a new early childhood development milestone, a transition from infant to toddler. Parents and kids often need new decorating ideas for the kids’ rooms, since they are no longer nurseries.

Ask the Kids

As infants, kids don’t get much input in the initial nursery design ideas. As an older toddler, they can now express their likes and dislikes. Let your kids have some input, so they can feel proud of their decorating choices. Use the color that the kids pick as part of the general design, as an accent color, or as a main wall color.

Themes and Decorating Ideas for Kids’ Rooms

For decorating kids’ rooms, many parents and kids like whimsical themes. Depending on the children’s interests, their rooms can showcase their interests and creativity. Some creative decorating ideas for kids’ rooms include: princess, palace, Paris, circus, jungle, art gallery, superheroes, space/solar system, dinosaurs, castle, science lab, sports, beach or garden. Find out what ideas your kids love, and create rooms they can enjoy for several years.

If young kids are enamored with a TV celebrity or cartoon character, tell them they can only have certain items with that character. Parents should opt for inexpensive room accessories. That way, when the kids get tire of this trend, the pillows, posters, wall hangings or other items will be easy to replace. This option is much easier than replacing all the bedding, flooring, lamps, and major furniture pieces.

Furniture Changes

In toddler rooms, parents will replace the crib with a small bed. If the parents bought a convertible crib, they can now remove one railing to convert it into a toddler bed. Parents can also buy a separate toddler bed, but the kids may soon outgrow it. Parents can use the same crib mattress with toddler beds. Alternatively, many parents buy a twin bed that is low to the ground. Other parents place the mattress on the floor until the kids are old enough to feel comfortable on the taller bed. Parents should also buy new bedding and celebrate the kids’ new “big” bed.

Adding a small nightstand table provides a place for bedtime story books and a small lamp. If your kids are potty trained and starting preschool or kindergarten, then they will need to get ready every morning. Parents should replace the diaper changing table with a small dresser for clothes. If the kids can easily reach the top dresser drawers, then they can organize their stuff.

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