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Hiring Daycare Staff

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Daycare staff can work in a variety of childcare centers, either for a for-profit daycare centers or nonprofit daycare centers. Local and national franchise daycares have grown in popularity over other types of daycares. Some daycare staff may work as assistants or directors of their own family daycare service. Most jobs in daycare are staff or support positions, as preschool teachers or teacher assistants. Daycare management positions are relatively rare, making up about 4% of daycare jobs, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

Work Conditions

Many daycare teachers love working with children. However working with highly energetic young children can be exciting, but also tiring. Dealing with the children’s discipline problems and getting parents to cooperate can also be difficult. Many daycares have high staff turnover, due to the low pay and high stress levels. According to the BLS, the average pay for a full time preschool teacher is $22,120.

Daycare staff members often work long hours since parents drop off the kids before going to work. Then the parents may be delayed due to emergencies, traffic, extra work hours or other issues. Although many daycares charge parents late fees, many staff members still spend extra time at the daycare until the child is picked up.

Applicant Qualifications

Many daycares look for applicants with a high school diploma who are at least 18 years old and who pass background checks. Some preschools look for applicants with early childhood education training. Daycare employees may move up from teacher to Assistant Director after obtaining some experience and extra training. Some larger daycare centers prefer that the director has a bachelor’s degree in early childhood development or business administration.

Hiring Process

To start the hiring process, a daycare director should create an ad that lists the position and the tasks involved. The ad should be as specific as possible. Many daycare centers place an ad in a local newspaper, newsletter or magazine. Other daycare businesses advertise on online job boards like Craigslist or Monster. Some daycare directors prefer to hire staff only from personal referrals, while others may hire a staffing agency to fill several positions at once.

After reviewing the applications, the director should narrow down the list to several candidates. Then the daycare director should set aside some time when the candidates can come in for an interview. The childcare director should prepare some questions, so the interview goes smoothly. After the interview, the director should conduct a thorough background check on the top candidate. If the candidate passes the background check, then daycare director makes a job offer. The director should give the new employee an offer letter, which includes the working hours, starting date, job description, location, pay rate and benefits.

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