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When to Choose a Daisy Bouquet

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A pretty daisy bouquet makes a cheerful gift for many occasions. It can be given as a gift, carried as a bridal bouquet in a wedding, or used to decorate a home or event hall. A daisy is quite versatile because, depending on the overall arrangement, it can appear as a natural wildflower or as a cultivated picture of elegance.

For decoration or when given as a gift, a daisy bouquet looks very nice arranged in a glass or ceramic vase. This gives a classy and refined look to the arrangement and makes it appropriate for many settings both formal and casual. If a more casual or country type look is desired, the bouquet can be arranged in a brown or white woven basket.

Afternoon luncheons, birthday gatherings, spring graduation parties, and summer picnics are all brightened and beautified when a daisy bouquet is used as a table centerpiece or to decorate a mantle or buffet table.

A daisy bouquet also makes a great gift for a housewarming, a birthday or anniversary, or a new job or promotion. A florist can deliver the gift in a vase, basket, or simply wrapped in tissue paper and tied with a ribbon. A bouquet that is delivered without a container allows the recipient to decide exactly how to display the arrangement in his or her home.

If a friend or loved one is sick, whether at home or in the hospital, a daisy bouquet can be a very cheerful and uplifting choice for a get well gift. The bright colors and happy-looking blooms are sure to lift the spirits of the sick person.

The Bright Colors of a Daisy Bouquet

White daisies are perhaps the most well known, but the flowers can also be ordered in yellow, orange, or red. A variety of naturally colored daisies can be arranged in a bouquet for a beautifully charming appearance. The natural yellow and white daisies complement each other very well.

Many florists can also dye white daisies blue, pink, or another hue if desired. This means that a green daisy bouquet could be ordered for St. Patrick's Day or red, white, and blue daisies for Independence Day.

Daisies can be accompanied by a variety of flowers that complement them well. Lilies of similar or contrasting colors look very nice in a daisy bouquet, as do crocuses, tulips, irises, or gardenia. Low profile flowers usually look best with daisies, though it's possible to use tall gladiolas or hyacinth as a background. A florist can show photographs or live examples of a wide variety of daisy bouquets to help you choose just the right one for your needs.

A Daisy Bouquet for a Wedding

A daisy bouquet is especially suited for a spring or summer wedding. White or yellow daisies arranged in a simple hand bouquet and tied with a satin ribbon looks charmingly old fashioned. For a more modern look, a florist can arrange daisies into a reclining arm bouquet or into an elegantly cascading bouquet.

Each bridesmaid can carry a daisy bouquet as well - perhaps in yellow if the bride is carrying white - and the flower girl can scatter daisy petals along the aisle before the bride.

If the wedding will be held outdoors, a daisy bouquet can be used as a centerpiece upon each table as well. It may also be possible to provide guests with packages of daisy petals to toss over the bride and groom after the wedding.

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