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CPA Services

Accounting and Taxes
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Certified public accountants can provide a variety of accounting, tax and audit services for their clients. Most accounting firms offer the following kinds of Accounting Services:

General Accounting. A CPA firm should be able to provide basic accounting services such as management of your general ledger and financial statements. A professional accountant can also help set up accounting systems for new businesses and provide GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) compliant reports for your investors or your bank.

Bookkeeping. For those with more extensive accounting needs, an accountant can provide full-service bookkeeping services. These CPA services entail managing and organizing the day-to-day operations, tracking and analyzing your income and expenditures to keep your business running smoothly and efficiently.

Credit. CPAs work extensively with banks and financial institutions, and can be instrumental in obtaining a loan or establishing a line of credit.

Payroll. A CPA can also provide assistant with your payroll services, from basic management to preparation and tax reporting.

Tax Services / Tax Preparation. CPAs are well-versed in federal, state, and local tax laws, and can be quite indispensable in tax preparation. Whether filing as an individual or on behalf of a corporation, partnership, estate, trust, or non-profit organization, the CPA will work with you extensively to maximize your deductions and minimize your overall tax liabilities.

Sales Tax Management. Depending on the location of your business, you may be responsible for sales tax. In fact, if your business spans several different localities, you will probably find yourself dealing with a number of different state and local taxes. A CPA can assist in compiling this tax information, ensuring that your sales tax returns are accurate and timely.

IRS/Tax Agency Representation. Among the many CPA services available, the one that provides the most peace of mind for clients is IRS representation. Should you find yourself called before a federal or state tax agency, a professional accountant can ensure that you are properly represented and that your own best interests are safeguarded.

Audit Services Attest/Assurance. If you or your business is involved in a compilation, review, or full-blown audit, a CPA can attest to the accuracy and completeness of your financial records.

Business Consulting. A CPA can offer analytic services that will identify those areas of your business that are negatively affecting your profitability. Once these issues are uncovered, a professional accountant can help you develop a strategy to address them.

Business Valuations. Whether you are considering purchasing a new business or you simply need to know the value of your own, a professional accountant can assist with your valuation. CPA services often include useful and objective analysis techniques that will help you determine the value of any business in which you are interested.

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