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Construction Waste Disposal

Garbage and Recycling
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Whether the construction of any type of building is starting from scratch or whether a building is being remodeled, the construction industry generates a significant amount of waste and proper construction waste disposal is essential. In fact, the amount of construction waste increases dramatically when the particular construction job being done requires the tear-down or destruction of an existing structure or structural element, as in many cases, a construction company isn’t allowed to reuse any material that is removed from a structure. Anything taken off the existing building must be either disposed of or changed in terms of function and use. Because of this, construction sites can become overwhelmed with the need for the removal of waste and excess materials in a very short amount of time, and construction waste disposal becomes of paramount importance.

Construction Waste

Perhaps the best choice for construction waste disposal is to find ways to minimize the waste generated by the construction company, ideally by using all of the construction materials to their full potential and cutting down the amount of scrap material generated through the construction process. Understandably, this isn’t always possible, especially in cases where there is existing property to be dismantled and discarded before the new construction can begin. However, proper measures being taken to cut down on the amount of new material waste and minimizing the need to replace new materials will, in every case, result in a lower cost to the consumer or a greater profit being turned on each job.

Reusing of all items is never possible during construction, however. When a construction firm reaches a certain size and is capable of doing larger jobs, it may be beneficial from a business standpoint to purchase either a dump trailer, which is available in various sizes and may be pulled by a pickup truck, or an actual dump truck that doesn’t detach from the truck itself while being filled. Then once it’s full, the dump truck may take all of the waste products to the nearest landfill and place it in the designated refuse pile for construction materials. In the long run, this option can save the company a significant amount of money by not requiring the local waste collection service to make special trips to the job site in order to pick up the large amounts of waste generated by many construction sites. If you are a consumer simply doing one or two jobs, however, this method of construction waste disposal won't work for you.

Most refuse collection companies offer the rental of different sizes of trash or waste receptacles, and in many cases the cost of these rentals is not obscene. The collection company will drop the receptacle off at the designated job site, let the construction company fill it, and then come back to the job site and pick up the receptacle before hauling it back to the landfill. Many construction companies and DIY home improvers opt for this method, as it involves the least amount of involvement in the construction waste disposal process, allowing the focus to remain on the progress of the job at hand.

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