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Arranging Confidential Waste Disposal

Garbage and Recycling
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Companies as well as individuals sometimes have things they need to dispose of… but they’re reluctant to send them out with the conventional trash pick-up for confidentiality reasons, and instead need confidential waste disposal. This is a pretty common occurrence and shouldn’t be a surprise if you consider how many companies handle secure paperwork and information about clients, customers, and employees. Even in your own home, plenty of waste generated contains private information that you don’t necessarily want blowing around a landfill.

Confidential Waste Disposal Solutions

The solution is to locate a confidential waste disposal collection service in your area. If you’re just an individual with a small amount of waste that needs to be taken care of, you may be better off attempting to find a collection service that allows you to drive the waste out there yourself and pay a fee for disposal. Larger companies with larger amounts, or who need the service more often, might want to consider setting up a pick-up service a number of times per month, which would be more cost-effective than trying to move large amounts of waste yourself.

The key to a good confidential waste disposal collection service is to ensure that your waste passes straight from your hands into confidential disposal. Ideally, you should watch the process yourself at least the first few times you use the service, to ensure they are handling the waste as they tell you they are, with a supervised chain of command and no chance for the waste to fall into the wrong hands.

Some waste disposal companies also offer confidential disposal boxes and containers, which you can place in your home and office. Dispose of confidential material inside, and when the container is full, the company can come and pick it up or you can deliver it to them. The waste will then go straight from the container into the disposal process.

Some waste disposal companies that handle regular trash and recycling pick-up will offer separate confidential waste disposal services. Other confidential disposal is done by businesses that specialize in it. Check around your area and make phone calls to local disposal companies; they can more than likely help point you in the right direction.

A final note to keep in mind: many people feel bad disposing of paper without sending it into recycling, and ask the question whether confidential paper can be recycled. Most confidential disposal companies won’t recycle, simply because it is putting the papers back out into the world, which is a compromise on the confidentiality process. This is an unfortunate side effect of confidential waste disposal and if it concerns you, you may talk to the waste disposal company and see if they offer any other options.

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