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Condos for Rent: Tips to Keep in Mind for Before Renting a Condo

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Many renters may enjoy the condo lifestyle, without purchasing a condo home; condo rentals are very convenient for short term vacation rentals or extended downtown rentals too. However, renting a condo is quite different from renting an apartment so if you are interested in condos for rent read these helpful tips before you search for potential rentals.

Tips for Renting from a Condo Owner

Most condos for rent are put up for rent by the condo owner. While some condos have restrictions on renting out units, plenty of condo communities have policies which allow a limited number of rentals in their buildings.

When you rent a condo from the owner, you are signing a lease with the owner of the condo unit. If you have any problems with the home, like repairs which need to be performed, you will need to talk with the condo unit’s owner. The condo building’s homeowner association (HOA) cannot help you if problems arise with the condo rental – the only time an HOA can provide assistance is if repairs are needed in the public areas outside of the condo. (Tenants who rent a condo from the owner of the unit are often barred from attending HOA meetings, but they can ask neighbors to speak up on their behalf if they are having issues with the rental).

Read the Condo Lease Thoroughly

The condo owner should provide you with a comprehensive lease which outlines all of the rental terms. Points which should be included on the lease include the owner’s responsibilities for condo upkeep and maintenance, who is responsible for paying the HOA fees (the condo owner or the renter) and specifics on the lease term and security deposit return. In addition to a lease, the condo owner should also provide potential renters with the rules and regulations of the condo's HOA.

Condo Community HOA Rules and Regulations

Condo HOA rules and regulations can be quite extensive, covering all aspects of condo living from assigned parking spaces to acceptable noise levels. Condo renters who do not follow these policies can end up being charged with repeated fines and may have unpleasant conversations with disgruntled neighbors. Continual violations of HOA policies by a condo renter can even result in legal actions against the condo owner. When you are looking for condos for rent, always take the time to review HOA policies – and then make sure you are comfortable with these policies before you sign a lease.

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