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What is Condo Living Like?

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If you are considering buying a condo, you may be wondering what condo living is like. While condo living can vary from condo to condo, there are several commonalities that apply to most condominium buildings that shape the way condo living works.

What is Condo Living Like?

Condo living largely depends on what the condo building is like. Some condominiums are very laid back, while others are far more rigid in their rules and regulations. Certain condos also offer very different amenities than others. However, in almost all cases, condo living means your home will be attached to your neighbors. In other words, it is very similar to apartment living- you may have people next door to you, above you, below you, or all three.

Most condos usually also have some type of common areas. For example, almost every condo has a lobby and many have stairs or an elevator as well. Most condos also have parking lots or some type of parking areas. You will want to pay attention to how far away your parking lot is from your condo and how big your parking space is, as this can have an impact on condo living. You'll also want to find out where visitors to your condo must park.

In addition to the basic common areas, some condos also offer attractive amenities. Some condos have full gyms, swimming pools, theatres or other exciting options for residents. These can be big perks of condo living, so make sure you find out whether the condo you are considering offers any special features.

Certain condos may also have stringent rules. The stricter the rules are, the more they will impact condo living. For example, some condos prohibit pets, or prohibit animals over a certain size. Many condos restrict the type of decorations you can have on your door or outside of your home in order to make sure the building looks the way the majority of condo members want it to. Noise regulations and rules may be in place to protect you from hearing your neighbors and to prevent you from making excessive noise. You may even need to get permission to undergo construction, which can put limitations on a remodeling project.

Condo dues and condo fees are also a part of condo living. These can be expensive- several hundred dollars per year You may also have a condo board or governing board that sets rules for condos and even limits who you can sell your condo to. This is one of the limitations of condo living, but can also help protect you from having unscrupulous or unpleasant neighbors move in.

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