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Concrete Tile Looks Like Stone Tile

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Many homeowners are surprised to learn about the exceptional design versatility and beauty offered by concrete tile. Thanks to a number of pre- and post-treatment options, ceramic tile can take on the look and feel of several other more expensive design materials. One of the materials that concrete is especially capable of mimicking is stone tile.

Concrete Coloring

Dye technology no longer limits concrete to the drab, natural gray hue that most homeowners picture when they think of it. Much as paint can be mixed to take on nearly any pigment imaginable, so too can concrete tile. To match to look of stone, the natural earth tones of red, brown and orange are often employed. Furthermore, finishing techniques such as sandblasting can be used to deliver a two-tone or antique appearance to the concrete. Since natural stone is often not a uniform color, such processes serve to bolster the authenticity of the look.

Concrete Tile Shapes

Concrete can easily be cut into a number of tile shapes. From simple squares to octagons and custom geometrics, concrete tiles offer plenty of versatility when it comes to floor pattern. This can be exploited to create an old-world cobblestone effect, rustic flagstone appearance or more modern interlocking pattern.

For added visual appeal, concrete tile can be tumbled to add uneven texture to the surface. This eliminates the smooth finish of concrete so that it displays the natural imperfections present in stone. If desired, other textures such as exposed aggregate and broom finishing are also available.

Benefits of Concrete Tile

Homeowners might choose concrete tile over stone tile for many reasons. The most obvious benefit is cost. Concrete tile is typically less expensive than concrete tile, even when taking into account pre- and post-treatment processes. Additionally, concrete tile is exceptionally durable (there's a reason concrete is used for high-stress surfaces such as roadways, bridges and sidewalks).

Concrete tile is also simple to care for. Simple sweeping and mopping should be all that it takes to maintain the beautiful appearance of your concrete floor or patio. An occasional reapplication of concrete sealant may also be necessary (every one to three years).

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