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Concrete Blocks Have Many Uses

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Concrete blocks are seen as a durable and highly flexible building material. The many benefits of concrete make it an ideal choice for numerous applications. Some of the most common uses of this affordable building material are listed below:

Home Construction

Concrete blocks are often used in the construction of homes. When compared to wood-frame homes, concrete block houses are less susceptible to fire damage, termite infestation and damage from high winds. As such, concrete homes often benefit from lower insurance premiums. They also provide improved insulation, which can help reduce the monthly cost of energy bills.

For homes, the outer perimeter wall is the most common place for concrete blocks to be found. Stucco, brick or other decorative finishes can be applied to give the home any desired exterior appearance.

Large Building Construction

Large buildings and warehouses are often susceptible to high winds and other weather damage. Concrete blocks can be reinforced with steel beams to dramatically improve structural integrity. This helps prevent large buildings from suffering damage in the event of earthquakes, rainstorms and hurricanes.

Moisture-Heavy Building Uses

Glazed concrete bricks are an affordable and effective solution for applications that are exposed to heavy moisture. For example, locker rooms, shower stalls, car washes and pools are all ideal locations for concrete block. In contrast, wood-frame construction is prone to rotting and other degenerative processes when exposed to moisture.

Creative Home and Garden Uses

Concrete blocks can be used as simple, creative solutions to home and garden design. For example, college dorms and bachelor pads frequently employ concrete blocks and a few wood boards to create a cheap and effective bookshelf. For added attractiveness, the blocks can be painted.

In the garden, painted concrete blocks can serve as an excellent addition to an outdoor pathway. Blocks may also be filled with dirt to serve as makeshift plant pots – concrete serves as an excellent insulation and drainage material. Much as blocks can be used to make a bookshelf, so too can they be used to make a garden bench. No matter how you choose to employ concrete blocks, they can easily be used to achieve a simple, rustic look in any home or garden.

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