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Commercial Cleaning Cost

Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial Services
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Most business owners know how important it is to take care of cleaning their office space. A commercial office is often where most business dealings take place within a company and the space can therefore impress clients who come in for meetings or purchases. Furthermore, and a clean office makes for more efficient employees, and keeping an office space clean can prevent mold, mildew, and other problems from settling into your office, causing health problems in your employees. Keep reading to learn more about commercial cleaning service prices and how much commercial cleaning service will cost you and your business.

Commercial Cleaning Service Cost

The prices of hiring a commercial cleaning service for your office space can certainly vary depending on the sizes of your office, the frequency of maintenance, and the number of employees needed to care for your office. Consider if your company is going to use full time employees or many part time employees to accomplish the task of keeping your business space cleaned – this can also drive up the price.

Expect to pay less than one dollar per square foot for cleaning service – but remember that this can add up to a bill of thirty dollars a visit for cleaning, even in a very small office. It is important to remember that your cleaning service will often include periodic touch ups as well: cleaning doesn’t just involve vacuuming and dusting. Sometimes, you will have to invest in floor waxing, bathroom and kitchen cleaning services, and other such specialty jobs.

Also consider that cleaning your office will probably take place at night, since commercial cleaning services will want to clean without disturbing your workday. You will want to make sure that you can afford any fees that are involved with hiring a night staff or cleaning service that will clean for you after hours.

If you have more intensive cleaning done in a large office, you can expect fees of upwards of $100 a night for your rooms. These fees are worth it, however, when you consider that by keeping things clean, you ensure that your clients and employees will feel comfortable in the workplace. Obtain pricing contracts from several commercial cleaning services in your area, such that you can find the services and pricing package that works best for you and your budget.

When choosing a cleaning service, you should have to have them come visit the property and offer a specific estimate of your company’s pricing plan. Think about commercial cleaning prices not as an expense, but as something that can bring additional profit to your company by establishing trust with your clients, and that can cause your employees to work more productively.

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