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How to Reset a Combination Lock

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A combination lock is effective because the combination is theoretically known only to the owner of the lock, or whoever has permission to gain access. Some types of combination locks can have the access code set up by the owner, which makes them unique. There's really only one drawback: what if you need to change the combination? That could be a problem if the lock is on an item you desperately need to get at, or on the entrance to a location you've got to get into. The good news is, in the case of most combination locks there is a solution to this problem.

Resettable combination locks give owners the ability to change the sequence of numbers required to open the device. Not all combination locks are resettable, though; be sure to check whether yours is when you begin using it. In order to reset a combination lock, consult the manual or directions that came with the lock.

Here are some basic tips for resetting a combination lock:

1) Resettable combination locks can only be reset from the open position. This can be a problem if you forget the combo, so keep the code in a safe place to begin with.

2) If the lock is closed, you will need to call a qualified locksmith or use bolt cutters to open the lock.

3) Resettable combination locks will come with a tool or reset lever (the tool comes with the lock; the reset lever will be found inside once you open it). This is used to manually set the wheels inside the lock to a new combination of numbers.

4)When moving the wheels to a new number combination, the numbers themselves must line up perfectly with the setting indicator in order for the sequence to work.

For electronic locks that are resettable, consult the owners manual or the directions inside the panel to select your new number sequence.

Forgetting the combination is a big hassle, so keep a record of the sequence in a safe place. If you give the combination to someone in order for them to use the lock (a repair person or temporary employee), and need it to be uniquely secure again, change the combination right away. And finally, to maintain the utmost security, be sure to pick a combination sequence that can't easily be figured out. Birthdays, phone numbers and anniversaries are combinations that are easily guessed on a combination lock.

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