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College Suicide Warning Signs

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Suicide in college is usually caused by a student’s ongoing bout with depression, and it is one of the top leading causes of death for college students. Transitioning from your parents’ home into a new environment may sometimes cause a student to feel lost, confused, or lonely, and if not dealt with, can lead to the stage of depression that could eventually lead to suicide. Although some colleges and universities offer suicide prevention programs, you too can prevent college suicide by looking for these signs.

A student contemplating suicide may exhibit self-hate and act as though they are a burden on you and others. This person may feel worthless or shameful, as though the world would be better with him or her, and that they would not be missed if they are gone.

This student may also seem suddenly withdrawn, particularly from family and friends. He or she may seek isolation at all times, desiring to be left alone.

He or she may also have a focus on death and dying, either writing or reading poems and stories about death.

A student on the verge of suicide also talks about suicide or dying. Sometimes this person would say that he or she are better off dead, or even wishes he or she had never been born.

If a depressed student pops up to visit or call family members and says good-bye as if you will never see him or her again, that student may be considering suicide.

After a long series of depressive behavior, this student may suddenly become calm and happy. This is not necessarily anything a good thing, as a person who has made up their mind to commit suicide and are content with their decision are suddenly happy.

A depressed student who is contemplating suicide may start to make out a will or give away things that hold sentimental value, things that are irreplaceable.

College suicide is a serious issue, and if you know of any students who are depressed and exhibit these behavioral patterns, try to talk to them. Ask them if they are considering suicide. This may make you uncomfortable, even afraid, but this will show that student that you care, possibly giving that student the opportunity and will to open up to you and express anger and other feelings causing them to feel depressed.

You should also contact a crisis center, or dial 911. Do not leave this person alone, and remove anything that could potentially harm this person such as guns, knives and any other object this person could use.

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