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What is the College of Physicians?

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The American College of Physicians is a national group of physicians who specialize in internal medicine. The organization, with nearly 130,000 members, is the largest specialty group in the country. The ACP lobbies for issues on behalf of its members, but also offers a variety of information both for doctors and their practices and for patients looking for information about internal medicine or how to find an internist in their community. The ACP has been around since 1915, and merged in 1998 with the American Society of Internal Medicine.

Patient Information from College of Physicians

The commitment by the American College of Physicians to education includes internal medicine topics as well as other information of interest. A check of the group's web site might discover highlighted information for people to get their flu immunizations, with facts about the extent of the flu season and reminders for people not to make assumptions about how long the seasonal flu will remain active each year. Individuals battling every day illnesses or conditions can get some valuable facts and advice from the College of Physicians. Some of the information includes:

  • Obesity. If you weigh at least 20 percent above your ideal weight, than you are obese. It is not uncommon in the country - about 100 million adults are obese. The extra weight puts an extraordinary burden on the body, increasing the possibility of diabetes, high blood pressure, coronary artery disease and stroke.
  • Chronic Fatigue Disorder. This condition strikes mostly women between 25 and 45 and affects about 500,000 people in the country. Doctors believe fatigue can be triggered by medical conditions, such as an infection, or an emotional event, something that triggers a significant amount of grieving or sadness. The most significant symptoms allow fatigue to mask a diagnosis because headaches, a sore throat and muscle and joint pain can be involved. However, the fatigue last six months or more and can even impair short-term memory.
  • Headaches. Most people have a headache at least once a year. But 45 million people in the country have chronic headaches that can last for a week or more. Doctors have place headaches in three main categories: Tension headaches, which affect both sides of the head; migraine headaches, an intense throbbing usually on one side of the head, along with sensitivity to light and noise and cluster headaches, usually felt behind one eye and can last for several times, surfacing for a half-hour or more as much as four times a day. If you have a headache that lasts more than a day and includes vision problems or vomiting, the College of Physicians recommends that you immediately see a doctor.

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