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College Admissions Requirements


College admissions requirements are those standards you have to meet in order to be eligible for acceptance to a particular school. While requirements vary from state to state and from school to school, there are some basic or general requirements that are needed almost across the board. Although meeting college admission requirements doesn’t necessarily guarantee you acceptance at a particular school, it will greatly increases your chances. Here are the basic college admissions requirements that are standard for most schools.

  1. English classes: Some of the top college admission requirements look at what classes you took in high school. Most schools will want a strong background in English classes, including both literature and writing. Expect the top tier schools to require four years of English classes, while some state schools may allow you to bypass this requirement by achieving a high score on the ACT English section or SAT verbal.
  2. Math classes: Math is another standard admission requirement, and in most cases they also want four years (although, again, some schools will allow high math ACT or SAT scores instead). It’s also important to note that some schools will want specific sections of math, such as a certain amount of algebra or geometry.
  3. Foreign language: Other college admissions requirements include at least some experience with a foreign language. Although some only require two years of study of the same foreign language, expected the most prestigious schools to require four.
  4. Other coursework: Many schools require additional classes as well. Most schools will at least want some history and lab science. Again, some will look for specific areas of studies, such as U.S. history, where with others the requirements will be more general. The more prestigious schools will often recommend additional classes in the fine arts, music, or even a second foreign language.
  5. GPA: Many schools consider not only at your course load but your performance as well. Some schools require a minimum GPA, whereas others expect a top class rank. Keep in mind that weighted classes or AP classes will also come into play here. Most colleges will look at your transcript specifically in relation to you school’s policies in order to determine where your metrics stand.
  6. Admissions testing: You can expect most schools to weigh your performance on the SAT or ACT and many will require a minimum score. Some schools may require SAT II subject tests or other placement tests as well. Although some school are specific in their requirement for SAT or ACT scores, most will accept the other test if that is what the majority of the applicant’s prospective schools are requiring.

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