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Cleaning Supplies can Prevent Sick Building Syndrome

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The type of cleaning supplies you use and the frequency you use them can make the difference between healthy workers and sick ones. Sick building syndrome (SBS) is a terms which refers to a situation when the occupants of a building (either commercial or residential), experience severe health problems which become exacerbated by spending longer time in the specific building, though often no specific cause can be identified. The effects of SBS may be isolated within a particular room, or may be in effect throughout the whole building.

Cleaning Supplies can Prevent Illness in the workplace.

These days sick building syndrome has become a common term within the workplace and one of the simplest ways to avoid it is to use green cleaning supplies. It is not too difficult nowadays to find a commercial cleaning team who use green cleaning supplies, and they are becoming increasingly popular.

The most important thing about any cleaning supplies is that, if used correctly, they kill bacteria and germs. Some cleaning supplies however, contain strong chemicals that can be toxic or to some people may be allergenic. For this reason it is more beneficial to your health to use green cleaning supplies. The best way to ensure this is to hire eco-friendly cleaning professionals to clean your building.

One of the main benefits of green cleaning professionals is that they have state of the art cleaning technology which reduces re-contamination and cross contamination in your facility. For example, as they are used, traditional vacuum cleaners release multitudes of particulates back into the atmosphere which means that the air inside your office is filled with dust, allergens and germs. However, most professional environmentally friendly cleaners have vacuum cleaners with a multi-stage HEPA filtration system. HEPA filters are constructed with a field of randomly positioned fiberglass fibers that are between 0.5 and 2.0 micrometers in diameter. Such a filter acts like a sieve and traps all particles that are larger than the openings. HEPA filters are guaranteed to remove 99 percent of all air particulates.

Another example of state of the green technology that environmentally friendly cleaners use is micro or nano-fiber mops and cloths. These replace traditional cotton cloths and mops which do not collect all dust particles and increase static. Micro fiber cloths are more than 80 percent more effective at remove dust and germs and eliminating static. They also last longer than their cotton counterparts and are eco-friendly.

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