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Cleaning Microfiber Upholstery

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As with draperies and carpet, cleaning microfiber upholstery has its peculiarities. It's a forgiving fabric, though, and one that's pretty rugged. It's often marketed as family, child, and pet friendly, and armed with a few tips you can keep your microfiber furniture looking like new with a minimum of effort.

Read the Fine Print

Although most microfiber is safe to clean, there are some specialty versions that shouldn't get wet. These are often high-end suede-like fabrics, and if you have one on a couch or chair you probably know it. To be on the safe side, though, check through the manufacturer's materials or website for instruction on how to clean your microfiber furnishings.

Usually cleaning microfiber falls into two major categories: with and without water.

Cleaning with water, if the fabric label permits, is the easiest way to get spots off microfiber, and the results can be gratifyingly easy. Use a clean white cloth and apply a little water with a mild fabric detergent. Wipe lightly, and then blot dry. Rinse and blot again. This will usually take care of most problems.

If the fabric is a no-wet variety, use a brush to lightly buff the surface and release dirt. Once the dirt is liberated from the pile, vacuum it up. If this process doesn't work, you may be able to use dry cleaning solvent for a more thorough cleaning. Again, the manufacturer's guidelines will be invaluable here.

Before you begin cleaning, always test an area of the furniture for colorfastness. You can use an out-of-the-way spot along the frame for this, or you may even have an extra swatch of the material courtesy of the retailer or manufacturer.

Professionally Cleaning Microfiber Upholstery

Sometimes no-wet varieties of microfiber can be hard to clean, either because of the color or pile. In these instances, it's best to ask a professional to tackle it. Even for easy wash fabrics, having your furniture professionally cleaned periodically is a good idea. Upholstery cleaners have access to solvents and equipment that can bring powerful cleaning action to your furniture while keeping moisture saturation to a minimum. As part of a regular regimen for cleaning microfiber upholstery, it can extend the life of your furniture and help to keep it looking better longer.

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