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Choosing Services for Cleaning Medical Offices

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If you run a medical practice you want to be sure that your environment is not responsible for the spread of infectious diseases throughout your patients. It is essential that you hire a professional team who are qualified and certified in cleaning medical offices.

A cleaning program that focuses on extremely hygienic cleaning can not only reduce the spread of infection but can also boost your patient’s and staff’s confidence in your medical practice, improve staff moral and comply with health and safety standards.

Professional services for cleaning medical offices are trained and certified to the highest standard of healthcare facilities aseptic cleaning. They should have rigid hygiene protocol in place that include;

  • A color-coded cleaning system to prevent any cross-contamination
  • Nano-fiber technology to contain dust, allergens and other microbes from surfaces
  • Hospital grade disinfectants only
  • No-dip or drip mopping technology to prevent cross-contamination
  • HEPA high efficiency vacuum cleaning to provide the most efficient filtration technology
  • A no-touch system for possible contaminants such as soil
  • Excellent hygiene standers for examination contact surfaces
  • Superior quality restroom sanitation
  • Separation of cleaning and mopping materials

Cleaning Medical Offices and the Environment

In addition to the prevention of the spread of infection and the necessity to use high grade materials, there is also some concern about the environmental effects of the chemicals used today. This has led to the development of chemicals that are not harmful to the environment. These are known as green cleaners. If you own a medical practice you should be aware of whether the service you use for cleaning medical offices use green cleaners and if not you need to known they do not dispose of their waste water without proper neutralization or filtration. You should also be sure that the cleaning company does not use chemicals that may be harmful to your patients. One such chemical that is often used in commercial carpet cleaning is perchloroethylene which has been linked to liver and kidney damage according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). This is particularly disturbing when you consider that when a carpet is chemically cleaned the chemicals will be present in the air for some time after and may be very harmful to patients with weakened immune systems.

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