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Civil attorneys practice many different types of law, and will usually advertise which type of civil law they practice—for example, personal injury, family law or any of the other branches of civil law. Civil lawsuits, unlike criminal lawsuits, are between two individuals or companies. In civil law, the victim, not the state or federal government, files the lawsuit.

Civil attorneys handle lawsuits that involve individuals, businesses, and even the government. They involve torts or contract breaches. Civil law subjects vary widely, so when choosing a civil attorney, be sure his firm is well-versed in the area of law that relates to your case. For example, you do not want to hire a civil attorney who practices family law if you were involved in a slip and fall. You need a personal injury attorney for something like that.

While the rules of procedure for the various types of civil law are the same, there are differences in how the case is handled. For example, a personal injury lawsuit involves detailed medical records while a divorce involves all of the parties’ financial documents. A breach of contract lawsuit has discovery also, but it generally does not involve medical records unless the breach is because one of the parties was injured on the job.

Civil lawsuits can become complicated. After the initial pleading is filed, there are time frames outlined by your state’s rules of civil procedure. If you miss a due date for a pleading or discovery, your case could possibly be dismissed. Civil lawsuits can also be filed in your state’s civil court or in the federal court. There are certain requirements that need to be met for your case to be heard in a federal court. If you mistakenly file your case in the wrong court, it can cost you not only time, but the court fees you paid for filing the case and any fees you paid for a process server to serve the defendant. It also gives the defendant a “heads up” regarding the court case.

Civil attorneys can also help you in areas such as trusts and estates, mortgages (real estate), non-compete and other business contracts and insurance claims, to name a few. Hiring a civil attorney who is experienced in the area of law your case requires can save you a lot of money as well as representing your interests with the other side.

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