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What to Put in a Christmas Stocking

December Holidays
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For many people, choosing what to put in a loved one's Christmas stocking can be difficult at times, especially if you have already spent extensive amounts of money on other gifts for that person. Fortunately, stocking stuffers--items you place in a holiday stocking--can range from gold pendants and rings to comic books and socks. There really are no rules regarding what you should place in a stocking other than whatever you can fit in it and the extent of your budget. However, it can be helpful to know some popular ideas for things to place in a Christmas stocking.

Place Gift Baskets in a Christmas Stocking

In most cases, the items you would normally find in a gift basket are perfect for a Christmas stocking, especially if they are small enough to fit easily. Purchasing a gift basket and placing its items in a stocking is a great way to give your loved ones a variety of items without spending excessive amounts of money on each item individually. For example, if you want to give someone a few cell phone accessories but want to avoid purchasing them individually, you could find a bundle that includes several accessories and place these in a stocking.

Place Clothing in a Christmas Stocking

If you are on an extremely tight budget and want to avoid purchasing somewhat-costly items such as electronics for a Christmas stocking, you can usually find inexpensive clothing such as socks, underwear, or gloves that make great stocking stuffers. Because everyone wears clothing, putting it in stockings is appropriate for almost anyone, regardless of age or gender. Clothing can also be very useful because people can wear it throughout the year, especially if you include items such as belts, handkerchiefs, and coin purses.

When it comes to knowing what to put in a Christmas stocking, some popular ideas are gift baskets and clothing, since both are appropriate for all ages and genders. Whether you want to place a wide variety of electronics of just a couple of pairs of socks or gloves in someone's stocking, searching for gift baskets and clothing can help you choose perfect gifts that allow you to stick to your budget.

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