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DSL Provider

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DSL, or digital subscriber line Internet access is available over the existing wired telephone backbone. If you are looking for a DSL provider in your area, you should check with all of the local telephone service providers. In addition, there are third-party companies who also offer DSL, sometimes along with other bundled services.

The four major points to consider when choosing a DSL provider are:

Variety of Services Available
Since DSL connectivity is dependent upon your physical location in relationship to the local phone company switch, it is important to determine which types of DSL service are available. If you are located within the allowed distance, you may have several options for the type of DSL service you can choose. Basic ADSL service is adequate for most home users and features faster download speeds than upload speeds. If you use computer games or other applications online that upload a lot of data, or you are hosting a server, then SDSL would be a better choice since it provides equal bandwidth for upload and download. When a DSL provider bundles several services together, like home phone, cell phone and DSL, it may be a cost savings for you to sign up for the bundled services.

DSL providers are not all created equal. Reliability is an important feature. While you may save a few dollars a month going with DSL provider X rather than DSL provider A, if they have a reputation for poor customer service or excessive down time, it may not be worth the money. Check with the BBB and try to find online user reviews and ratings. You may want to check with your neighbors or even your local government offices to see if what their experience has been.

Speed of DSL service is directly affected by your distance from the phone company central office switch. In some cases you may not have a choice of speed, and in order to get DSL service, you will have to go with whatever is available in your location. In many other instances, however, you may have a choice. High download speeds are preferable for everyone, however upload speeds can vary. Typical home users who use email and the Internet don’t have a need for higher upload speeds and you may be able to save some money by choosing ADSL which has a higher download speed than upload.

After availability, reliability, and speed, you will want to take cost into consideration when choosing a DSL provider. Bottom line is that going with the lowest price available may not be your best option, particularly if you want a reliable connection and good customer support.

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