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Electronic Chiropractic Equipment and Tools


Although chiropractic is primarily a hands-on form of care, a number of chiropractors may make use of various electronic chiropractic equipment and tools during the course of treatment. Here is some of the more commonly used chiropractic equipment.

Chiropractic Equipment for Electromyography (EMG)

Chiropractors use EMG equipment for diagnostic purposes, to either confirm or contraindicate chiropractic therapy for a patient’s condition. The EMG unit consists of two sets of tiny needles that are connected to an electrical power source with a built-in monitor for reading data. The needles are inserted into the muscle tissues in or around the affected area. A small (and adjustable) electrical current is sent along one set of needles, and the readings of the second set are displayed on the monitor. The chiropractor can then determine if the pain in that area is being caused by nerve damage or physical injury.

Chiropractic Equipment for Biofeedback

Chiropractors occasionally use biofeedback units to help their patients learn how to relieve pain by relaxing muscles and lowering tension. These relaxation techniques, when properly employed, will increase the blood flow throughout the patient’s body while lowering the heart rate, temperature, and blood pressure. The chiropractic equipment for measuring biofeedback uses sensors to monitor the patient’s skin temperature and sweat gland activity and displays the results in either numerical form or by illuminating a series of lights. This lets the patients know just how stressed or relaxed they are, and whether or not the relaxation techniques are working properly. By using the biofeedback unit, patients eventually train themselves to reduce their stress level, and thus their pain.

Chiropractic Equipment for Heating

Some chiropractors may use a specially-designed heating pad to relax a patient’s muscles prior to massages, manipulations, or adjustments. The pad, which is electrically powered, is placed over the patient’s lower back area for up to 20 minutes. Most of these pads feature hand switches to allow manual control of the pad’s temperature, and automatic switches that shut off the pad if it becomes too hot. Some may even include a filling of dried mixed herbs (such as lavender or peppermint) designed to aid the patient’s relaxation. Unlike most conventional heating pads, the chiropractic equipment is usually rated for use with liquids so it can be applied in conjunction with moisture and herbal tinctures.

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