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Types Of Chimney Cleaning Services

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Chimney cleaning services are essential for homes with chimneys. A chimney cleaning company can offer different services that will enable a chimney to operate efficiently and safely.

Chimney Inspections

One of the primary chimney cleaning services performed are chimney inspections. Chimney companies perform inspections annually or a person buys or sells a home. A chimney sweeper will gauge a chimney's general condition, looking for cracked flue tiles, missing mortar joints, fire hazards, and high carbon monoxide levels.

Chimney Cleaning

Another common service that is provided is chimney cleaning. Using chimney brushes, a chimney sweeper will clean out the fireplace and its assorted components, like the flue, firebox, cap, flashing, and damper. Some chimney sweepers will also examine the roof for loose shingles that could fall into the chimney and damage it.

Dryer Vent Inspections

Many chimney sweeper companies will perform dryer vent inspections since defective vents can give rise to house fires. The chimney sweeper will ensure that the vent is blowing correctly and that there is no lint circulating within the heating system. Afterwards, he can demonstrate to the homeowner the right method for cleaning the vent.

Chimney Repair

More versatile and well-equipped chimney professionals will also repair chimneys. If neglected, cracks will weaken a chimney's structure and lead to a series of repairs as the chimney ages. Chimney professionals can fix a leaning chimney, seal any leaks in the foundation, restore masonry, and provide earthquake proofing to code. A chimney company can also tear down a deteriorating chimney and construct a new one.

Odor Removal

A unique service that a specialized chimney cleaning service can offer is eliminating odors in fireplaces and chimneys. Smoke residues build up over time to form creosote deposits, which can make a room, if not the whole house, smell of smoke. A chimney sweeper will examine the chimney to figure out why smoke is not exiting the house properly. The technician may need to take a number of steps from re-route the vents to repairing the chimney to correct the air pressure.

Chimney cleaning services are essential for the efficient and safe operation of a chimney. Hiring chimney professionals will give homeowners peace of mind and security.

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