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Child Internet Filter Software

Parenting and Child Care

Child internet filter software is designed to protect children from the dangers of the internet. While the internet can provide kid's with an abundance of educational opportunities as well as an opportunity to play games and connect with peers, it can also be ripe with dangers. Child internet filter software is designed to protect your kids from some of the most common risks associated with the internet. Child internet filter software can shield your kids from pornography, chat rooms and other inappropriate web content.

Function of Child Internet Filter Software

Child internet filter software functions to control access to certain websites, to control display of content, and to require passwords for access. Additional tools and services include filtering of emails, blocking popup messages, and monitoring chat activities. The programs are even designed to counteract activities by online predators.

Choosing the Best Child Internet Filter Software

There are many different programs out there, so take these factors into consideration when making your choice

  • A good child internet filter software must be user-friendly. It must be simple to install for individuals of all levels.
  • Child internet filtering software must perform the function it claims to perform- filtering. It should be effective in filtering without over-filtering content. The program must allow its users to customize its sensitivity and must provide a balance between URL filtering, keyword and dynamic filtering, and other filtering techniques.
  • Child internet filtering software should be capable of reporting. The filter should have the ability to make a report on the online activities of all its users. This includes a history of websites visited, chat room, IM chats etc.
  • A good filtering program should offer flexible platforms whether client-server or home based, ISP/Proxy, or both.
  • Some child internet filtering software can also filter in multiple languages and filter all internet protocols.

Examples of Child Internet Filter Software

  • CyberSieve has a filtering system that is customizable, and time limit controls that are also customizable. It can be used for multiple computers, offers free technical support and database updates, and requires no annual fee. Unfortunately, it can be used only on Windows XP or Vista.
  • Content Watch is a great filtering product and is ideal for company or organizational use as well as for filtering your child's internet activities. It has free upgrades but is a subscription based service and can be used for Windows XP and Vista only.
  • Net Nanny has the capacity to schedule internet use, and block networking sites such as MySpace and Facebook. The program prohibits chat room activity with child predators, allows you to receive mobile alerts and email, prohibits illegal sharing of files, and provides reports of its users’ online activities. It is also user-friendly but is subscription based

Buying a Program

Once you have evaluated your needs and existing programs, you will have to determine the best child internet filter program for you. Try samples of the programs and observe how they work before making your choice. As a parent, it is up to you to ensure that your child behaves safely on the internet, and a child internet filter program can make this job a lot easier.

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