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What are Head Chef Requirements?

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When you have graduated from culinary school you already have more opportunities for a career in restaurant management or other high ranking positions within the hospitality industry. You may even go on to open your own restaurant and become head chef. There are a number of specific head chef requirements which are demanding yet rewarding. Here is a rundown on the roles, requirements and responsibilities of a head chef.

Excellent Communication Skills

The head chef needs to have extremely good communication skills with the customers as he or she will often spend time at the front of the house talking to the diners and getting their feedback on their meal. The head chef should also have excellent communication skills with the staff. It is very important the head chef talks keeps them motivated and ensures than moral is high.

Good Foresight and Planning Skills

Of the many head chef requirements, good planning skills are some of the most important. It is the head chef’s responsibility to know what is happening in the restaurant ahead of time. He or she should be able to delegate jobs and rotate the most mundane tasks fairly so that everyone takes a turn at them ad their will be no feelings of hardship among the staff.

Business Management Skills

A head chef’s role is not confined to the kitchen or even the restaurant itself. A head chef must become involved in business promotion and planning within his community. Knowledgeable head chefs will be out promoting their restaurant, looking at food trends within their community and assessing the competition.

Knowledge of Suppliers

A head chef must maintain good relationships with all the restaurant’s suppliers. They will get to know their suppliers, be friendly and polite towards them and so ensure they are getting the best quality produce and the most reasonable prices.

The Chef-Sommelier Relationship

The sommelier is the member of the restaurant staff who is responsible for the ordering or wine, maintenance of the wine cellar and also work closely with the head chef. One of the many important head chef requirements is that he or she liaises with sommelier on a regular basis so that the chef can create dishes to compliment the restaurant’s stick wines and so that the sommelier will know which new wines he needs to order in.

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