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Ideas for Cheap Trash Cans

Garbage and Recycling
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Finding cheap trash cans is imperative for many people, particularly those who have large homes and a limited budget for trash bins. After all, trash cans can vary widely in price - from as little as $5 to $10 for smaller models to hundreds of dollars for more decorative bins. Here are some ideas on how to avoid spending too much money on trash cans for your home:

Set a Trash Can Budget

Determine how many cans you must have inside and outside your home. Look for ways to reduce the number of overall bins. Is a trash can a necessity in the den, for example? If you were considering two trash cans for the kitchen, perhaps you can get away with just one. Once you know how many trash cans you need, decide what you can afford? Part of that decision is based on numbers - what will the budget allow? But part of the decision is based on the type of cans you decide to purchase. Is it important to get decorative cans for all bedrooms?

What are Cheap Trash Cans?

For the most part, the cheapest trash are made out of plastic and are available at a variety of places, including large retail stores, hardware stores and online. Small, wide-mouth plastic trash bins for bathrooms and bedrooms can be purchased for as little as $5. These are usually white, yellow or beige and there is little stylish about them at all. Another way to keep down the costs of trash bins for your home is to supplement the trash can in the kitchen with a large trash bag. Non food stuff can go into the trash can while food scraps from meals can be emptied into a large trash bag affixed to a hook or cabinet knob in a closet or pantry. Stylish? No. But it is cheap.

Cheap Trash Cans Mean Few Amenities

Remember that the goal of providing cheap trash cans for your home means you won't be able to afford most high-tech or ornamental trash cans. Touchless units, for example, that rely on optical technology to open automatically when anyone gets within a few inches of the lid, can cost hundreds of dollars. Even amenities like wheels and snap-and-lock lids add to the price of trash cans. If you limit amenities and stay away from high-tech or decorate models, you should be able to find cheap trash cans for your home.

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