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Cheap Self Storage for Automobiles

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Storage facilities which offer cheap self storage for cars and trucks are an affordable vehicle storage option for long or short term storage. Here are the most common types of low cost vehicle storage facilities and tips on how to ensure that your vehicle is prepped properly for storage.

Types of Cheap Self Storage for Automobiles

The most affordable cheap self storage facilities for cars and trucks are outside storage facilities. These facilities have secured outdoor parking lots which customers can access on their own, and outdoor storage businesses generally have strong security measures such as computerized gates, cameras and on-site security to protect the vehicles on the property.

Indoor garage style self storage facilities are also an affordable option for vehicle storage. These types of facilities offer indoor parking in an open garage style atmosphere instead of individual locking storage units, and while these types of storage facilities are usually priced higher than outdoor storage facilities they offer additional protection against damaging UV rays and harsh weather.

Regulations for Cheap Self Storage of Automobiles

Storage facilities which specialize in cheap self storage for vehicles have specific rules and regulations which must be followed; for example, current registration and insurance and a vehicle which is in an operable condition. Always ask a potential storage facility about their storage vehicle regulations to be sure that your vehicle fulfills all of their storage requirements.

Automobile Cheap Self Storage Preparation and Protection

Whether you decide to store your vehicle at a cheap outdoor storage facility or in an affordable indoor garage storage business, it is important to prep your vehicle for storage:

  • Thoroughly clean the inside of your car prior to storage; be sure to remove all food items, important papers and use conditioning products to keep interior surfaces in the car from drying or cracking while in storage.
  • To protect your car’s paint from dirt and rust, wash the outside of the car and give it a good wax right before it goes into storage.
  • Inflate the tires to their recommended pressure, make sure all fluids levels are at their proper levels, change the vehicle’s oil and replace the filter.
  • Place bundles of steel wool in the car’s exhaust pipes to keep out rodents or insects.
  • Double check to make sure all windows are closed and doors are locked, then cover your vehicle with a sturdy and secure cover.

Cheap self storage facilities usually offer excellent security services, but it is still a good idea to check on your vehicle periodically – especially if you will be storing your vehicle for a long time.

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